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There Is Nothing To Regret But Wasted Years

Hello Readers,

Life is lived in time, so therefore those who waste time waste life. Growing in character a bit at a time is a good way of ensuring that we are not wasting the gifts we were born with.

Truth teaches us about where we stand in this world and in the eyes of both ourselves and others. Time is our greatest commodity and once spent, cannot be bought back. Many people make the mistake of wasting valuable time by making excuses. They are the ones who will be critical of the busy and industrious people who realise the value of every precious moment.

Some people stand there watching their lives melting away like ice in the heat of the sun without taking advantage of any opportunity to produce something of any worth. They have nothing of any interest to say because their lives and minds are filled with nothingness. They choose to spend half their lives asleep whilst enviously looking upon others and all their achievements, secretly begrudging their success.

Do something about your evaporating life and reap the vast rewards ad benefits of your greatest achievements. To invest in your life, you must first maximise what you do with your time. Do not live for emptiness or try to please others by falling in step with their lazy slothfulness. What is the point of walking around with an expression of defeat, watching your life just disappear into some sort of abstract image? You are either willing to convert your time into developing a product of something to be proud of, or killing yourself slowly with boredom, the choice is yours. So many people waste their lives emulating those who don’t even know who they are or what their purpose on this earth is for.

Most importantly of all, never give someone the opportunity to waste your time twice and certainly not to with those who are committed to misunderstanding you. Never waste your words on those who deserve your silence because the clock is ticking away for all of us and there isn’t the time to spare wasting it.

Love and light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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