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Things That Money Cannot Buy

Hello Readers,

There are always hot topics of discussion that money cannot buy everything, which is absolutely true. There are certain things in life that are just ‘Not For Sale’. They cannot be bought nor taught. They have to be learned. But you try telling this to people who are incredibly materialistic and only concerned about their public status. Its like pushing water uphill because they simply do not have a clue about what is important in life and what is fickle, flakey and superficial. Its the planet they choose to live on, but thankfully we are not all the same and that some of us, at least, have principles and higher values than a lot of people we know. You only have to make a list of your acquaintances to recognise some of these personalities.

So here are just a few of the things that I think are important in order to live a balanced and harmonious life to the best of anyone’s ability.
Firstly, no amount of money can buy knowledge or experience. You cannot put an old head on young shoulders. People have to live and learn through the trials of life. Some do, many don’t so they repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Trust and respect cannot be learned, purchased not acquired. They can only be earned.

Money can pay hospital fees, but it cant buy you good health. Its important to take personal responsibility for lifestyle and diet and if you have developed bad habits, do something about ditching them now, whilst you can, before its too late. Prevention is better than cure.
Good friends are an uncompromisable part of your life. They can be your support when everything else fails. Friendship is not for sale, neither can it be bought in the high street. Value your close and trusted friends because you never know when you may need them.

Love is a magical thing that so many people dream of having in their lives, but its not always there for everyone. So many relationships fall apart and heartbreak is never far away. Nothing can last forever and nothing can remain the same. Life changes, we change, other people change. There isn’t someone for everyone. It all depends upon your fate. If you are meant to be lucky in love, you will be, and if not, you wont. Nothing is fixed and there are no guarantees anywhere except death and taxes. Feeling blessed and content is a rarity amongst so many people. You can be flattered by riches and money being showered all over you, but you cannot buy true love or the inner peace that comes from belonging to a happy family or spending your life with your darling soul mate, whether its a person or a pet, it does not matter, its how you feel about who and what is in your life. Love is a strange and splendid thing, but its also a form on insanity. It knows no form. Often people do crazy things when they think they are in love. Its how crimes of passion arise.

Trust. Without trust, there is nothing.

Common Sense. So many people out there repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Its as though they are not prepared to ever learn anything new. You cannot change another person. They have to be prepared to change themselves and neither are you responsible for their actions, so stop taking their problems on board. Focus only on what you are doing.

Humility. A little bit of humility goes a long way. So do good manners. They cost nothing. There is nothing more boring than listening to someone shouting their mouth of trying to convince both themselves and you that they are better than everyone else, because the truth is often a completely different story.

Patience. We cannot always have all our own way. Sometimes we have to be patient with other people who are slower at learning new things. What is the point of getting all flustered, vexed and loud? At sometime in our lives, we also need people to be patient with us too. None of us are perfect, although I have met a few who truly believe the are. Deluded or what?

Hope. Without hope of a light at the end of a long black tunnel, what is there to look forward to? We all need a bit of hope to hang onto, otherwise its so easy to just ‘give up’, and that is not what our lives are about. We have to keep going no matter what. If we don稚 get over it, we end up going under it. Hope springs eternal. Always keep hope in your heart and make a point of only associating with joy givers. Do yourself a favour and give the joy drainers a wide berth because they will only succeed in dragging you down to their level.

Always bear this in mind. No matter how big your house or car is, how many expensive toys, gadgets and smart designer clothes you parade around or how upmarket your choice of holidays may be….in the end, the size of your coffin will always remain the same and we are all equal to one another at the graveyard.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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