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Think Before You Speak

Hello Readers,

There are times when it’s essential to think long and hard before speaking or acting. Always ask yourself a few questions before making a commitment or promising someone something that you may have to retract later.

There are many people who rush in where angels fear to tread because they never consider the consequences of their actions and often when it’s too late they hope they get away with things or expect others to bail them out. They go through the whole of their life blundering through stuff, not caring how they speak to people or what effect their choice of words or actions will have upon others. They call it ‘being honest’,’ and that they ‘can’t help it because they have always been that way’. It’s a .take it or leave it. attitude with no consideration for anyone else’s feelings. These people rarely learn important life lessons nor try to change, but they are the greatest teachers you will ever have because they are showing you how never to be.

Then there are the others who promise you the earth and do not deliver and often, after they have disappointed you because they have let you down, you probably won’t hear from them for a while because they have gone quiet and disappeared under a stone to think about which excuses sound plausible. Never take any of their unacceptable treatment personally because they will have done and said the same things before to others and will do again in the future to others. The best thing you can do under these circumstances is not to feel sorry for them because they perhaps feel awkward because you making such allowances will not get you anywhere at all.

Always remember we all have choices and whilst they have made theirs, you must also make yours. You can either keep going back for more bad treatment and punishment or withdraw your company and services and allow the universe to open a few new doors that lead to lots of new people and new opportunities which you had not previously been in a position to notice before because you were too busy looking elsewhere.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light

from Linda and The Lulas xxx

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