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Time Evolves

Hello Readers,

It’s always interesting to notice how much life changes and evolves without us really noticing it sometimes. If you have noticed, people are always commenting on how quickly time seems to fly. The weeks turn into months and months into years, but sometimes, when we are waiting for something to happen, time can also seem to drag on and on.  It is only time that has to take its own natural course for healing to happen and all change, like healing, takes time. Only time can heal your broken heart, just as only time can heal your broken limbs and if you are recovering from surgery. Just as there is always time for pain, there is always time for healing, but patience is needed and that is often easier said than done because most of us want things to happen instantly and not have to be forced to wait for the time to be right.

Stuff happens to everyone and no person is exempt from facing and dealing with the challenges of life, but the human spirit is strong and finds a way of making itself whole and well again, even though our heart may have been smashed into a million pieces. Time passes and healing happens, but that doesn’t mean that the damage never existed, it just means that the hurt and pain no longer has the power to control our lives. The importance of healing isn’t so much about getting better, its more about letting go of everything that isn’t you and making a fresh new start.  It’s about doing things differently to how you probably did them in the past, because if we always do the same things the same way, we will always suffer the same results.

The hardest thing is to smile when we are ill or in pain,  but you must also take all the time that you need to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Moving forwards does not take a mere day, time cannot be rushed because it takes a lot of steps to break free of your broken self.

And always remember, time heals all wounds unless you pick at them.

Until next week,

Linda and The Lulas xxxx


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