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Time Waits For No One

Hello Readers,

Time waits for no one and as the clock keeps on ticking and the days go whizzing by, it’s time to closely address what or who is really getting to you and preventing you from making the kind of steady progress that you enjoy. Life is too short to be unhappy and wishing things were different so it’s imperative to be honest with ourselves by wising up and facing reality.

Sometimes you just have to be brave, take control and make stuff happen. It’s about opening our eyes to what is around us and paying close attention to our actions by eliminating anything and everything which no longer serves us well. Remaining focused and emotionally balanced helps us determine which path to take next on our road to accomplishment and no one ever promised any of it would be easy, but the harder and more difficult the challenges the more we are likely to learn resulting in us growing stronger and more confident when tackling challenges and obstacles that can suddenly appear out of now where without any prior warning. Thankfully there are some very favourable planetary aspects which are supporting our needs and desires all helping to nudge us closer to our goals.

Good Communication with others is important but so is remaining private and discreet so that you avoid leaving yourself exposed and vulnerable, so never leave your guard down for too long and always be select with your choice of friendships and relationships.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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