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Trust Your Instincts

Hello Readers,

People who don’t trust themselves not only end up making lots of mistakes and bad decisions, but they also hand over all their power to people who cannot always be trusted nor relied upon either, and this is usually when all the trouble and misunderstandings start.

Your intuition is your own unique and special super power because you were born with it. Always trust your gut instincts because they already know which direction to guide you in next, ignore it at your peril. Intuition is always accurate in two very important ways. What you sense and feel Is always in response to something that is happening or being thought about and it always has your best interests at heart, so just have faith and trust in yourself more.

You know when something is the truth by how it feels and its when you ignore and go against your better judgement that you will inevitably later regret not listening when all the warning signs were staring you in the face. Mistakes and errors of judgement are often made by giving someone the benefit of the doubt, their benefit, your doubt. Some people give others far too many chances and little wonder they are later so disappointed. Its when you allow yourself to go along with something or someone that you know instinctively could later harm you, once again going against everything that you know to be true, but by then, it’s too late because the damage has already been done .

Until you clear up certain doubts in your own mind about another person or something that you know is wrong, you will systematically keep repeating the same old mistakes over and over again. Trying to please others is a mugs game and you will not be any better thought of for doing it , and OK, people may stop speaking to you because you are not doing their bidding and falling in line with their expectations, but you will gain a tremendous amount of respect from those who really matter because when you respect and care for yourself, they will honour and respect you so much more and will also learn important life lessons by following your example.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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