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Hello Readers,

Life is never easy at the best of times. We are continually faced with unexpected challenges and stuff happening that is often beyond our control. Relationships end, bitter divorces take place, businesses collapse, redundancies, severe weather conditions called ‘Acts of God’ happen, people lose their homes and livelihoods, illness and poor health plague us and yet there is always someone ready to point a finger at a person who is at a low ebb, struggling and kick them when they are down and where it hurts them the most. This is because they are of the mindset that when others are experiencing difficulties, it makes them feel more superior and enjoy showing off, living it up with not a care in the world for anyone else but themselves.

Rule number one. Never allow anyone to slap you down and undermine your confidence by constantly reminding you about some of the bad choices you have made in your life and that if you had taken their advice, none of that would have ever happened, because they are looking for self-gratification. They are not interested in you or anyone else. Just be strong and brave enough to remind them that you would not be the wise, capable, resourceful person you are today without all your previous life experiences.  Always be proud of who you are and what you have achieved, because none of it will have been easy and the chances are that no one ever gave you anything either. You had to go out there and earn a living, sort yourself out and carry on regardless in the face of adversity whereas many other people would have given up. When someone deliberately undermines you, it means their intention is to make you weaker or less effective in a secret, underhanded way. When these people undermine your dreams, laugh at you, predict your doom or continually find fault in everything that you do, always remember they are telling you their story, not yours.  Once you embrace and realise your value, strengths and talents, it immediately neutralises what others think less of you.

One of the greatest errors many people make is by undermining their worth by comparing themselves to others. It’s because we are individual and different that makes each of us special. If you have self-respect, you will take pride in your appearance, your work and your living space. You will never allow yourself to perform shabbily nor be a shoddy friend. You will continue to work towards achieving high standards and goals because you believe in your capabilities and will always be kind to others in need because you have developed emotional intelligence and empathy.  Always practice self-discipline to the highest standard.  Set a precedent.  Put down exacting boundaries of what behaviour is acceptable and what is clearly not. Respect and love yourself and others will follow suit. You will then begin to attract and connect with the right people who love and accept you for you, the real person whilst the others quietly fall to the wayside, where they belong. This is one of the most important laws of the Universal Laws of Attraction.

On a final note, take heart, because jealousy always comes from people counting other’s blessings rather than being thankful for their own, and when people undermine you, it’s because you have probably got something they want and can never have in a million years.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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