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Use Your Time Wisely

Hello Readers,

You cannot recycle wasted time. You can seize today but not tomorrow and thoughts of your tomorrow are nothing more than a desire. Don’t waste your breath. 75% of people’s lives is spent time wasting and the other 25% isn’t nearly as productive as it ought to be because they are constantly worrying about the past and constantly over anxious about what the future may hold.

Time is our most precious commodity and once its spent, unlike money, it’s the one thing that never returns back to us and neither can we buy it back. So many people waste a tremendous amount of time doing meaningless, useless things and later regret not putting their time to better use, which by that time, it’s too late because no one can turn the clock back no matter how hard they try. Worse than that, we often allow other people to waste our time for us because we do not like to refuse them by saying ‘no’, and they are the ones who benefit the most leaving us exhausted and hung out to dry. Your time is too valuable to be wasting it on people who neither appreciate you nor accept you for the person you are. Never let someone waste your time twice.

It’s always interesting to note how many people make the mistake of thinking they are saving money by wasting their time taking short cuts or just not finishing a job properly, leaving lots of loose ends and constantly living in disorganised chaos. One of the quickest ways of running out of time is thinking that you have enough of it and constantly living on a knife edge. This happens when not enough time is devoted to doing research and preparation for the task involved and so the job has to be done again, only this time properly, so even more time is wasted.

It’s important to use your time as wisely and efficiently as possible because none of us are given a second chance. Always analyse your work and double check if there is room for improvement, because you can rest assured, there always is. This will reassure you that you are on the right track and avoiding wasting even more precious, valuable time.

When you waste your time worrying, you are simply using your imagination to create all the things you do not want and most importantly, stop wasting time looking for the key to happiness. The door is open and all you have to do is walk through it.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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