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Hello Readers,

Never forget three types of people in your life.

1. The ones who helped you in difficult times and happily put aside their own worries and commitments at a moments notice and assist where possible no matter what time of day or night. These are the friends who keep in constant touch. They offer to accompany you to hospital appointments, court hearings, help you move house, cook meals when they know perfectly well that you don’t look after yourself properly but think nothing of plating up an extra dinner. They offer to do the school run, baby sit, do your washing, in fact, anything that means helping you out when you most need it.

2. The ones who left you during difficult times and made all kinds of excuses as to why they have not been in touch nor bothered to pop in and see you for a social visit and chat. Some of the daftest excuses I have heard are that they don’t like driving a car out of their comfort zone in case the world is flat and they may drop off the edge at the next roundabout, but, by the way, they are always at the end of a telephone if you want to chat and that way they don’t have to put themselves out and there is no extra costs incurred to them. Or, they have aching joints and can hardly walk, until, of course, there are benefits in it for them. Someone may offer them a lift and fuss over them, seeing to their every need and then delivering them home, in one piece. What a jolly day out they had, at your expense, whilst you played ‘Mine Host’ and yet its you that needed the love and support of friends. Then we have the sort who tell you that they have not phoned because they don’t like leaving voice mail messages, or that they thought you wanted to be home alone with a bit of peace and quiet, even during your darkest and most desperate hour. And of course, we cannot exclude the ones who claim that their ‘heads are messed up’ and and don’t know what planet they are on half the time. The list is endless, but I am sure you know what I mean.

3. Always remember the friends who put up with you during difficult circumstances because they know the ‘real you’. They understand how tough life can be when faced with trauma, turmoil, life threatening illnesses, hospital treatments, bereavement, loss, separation, divorce etc., because they have faith in your strength of character and ability to ‘fight the good fight’ and get on with things. These friends do not sit in judgement, they understand, probably because they have experienced and endured excruciatingly tough times themselves.

Begin with detoxing your life by clearing out fake friends, dead end jobs and players posing as partners. Stop chasing so called friends by continually contacting them even after they have blanked you on numerous occasions. They are not worthy of your friendship, nor anyone else’s. Its only when the chips are down that we discover who is who and what is what.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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