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Hello Readers,


As humans, people crave what they cannot have. The more they cannot have something, the more they want it.  Nothing short of obtaining the object of their desire will satisfy their need to possess the very thing that is out of their reach. Very often if you tell someone they can’t have something, they will most definitely want it even more and even challenge what you are saying to them. 


Most people have experienced a burning desire for the one person who is just out of reach, the one person they cannot have. Maybe it’s because that person is unavailable, playing hard to get or just not interested in all the attention they are receiving from their admirer. The more rejection people feel, the more they want to possess the object of their desire and nothing nor no one can persuade them otherwise. They are even prepared to overlook more suitable candidates as potential life partners in favour of the one who is out of reach. They see not having what they want as a blow to their person vanity and this results in them feeling powerless and unattractive to other people. In life, so many people will always fall in love with the very person who will never fall for them. It hurts when you want someone and can’t have them and hurts even more when you have had that special someone and have lost them.  Even though you may be seen as having a good time socially and people think you are enjoying yourself, you sometimes can’t help to stop and think how much you miss the old times. The yearning we have for what we can’t have is nothing compared with the pain we feel for the desired love objects that got away. Eventually, most people accept the relationship’s ending and find a way to move on, that is until an unexpected e mail, text message of phone call arrives and they are hooked all over again. 


When something is perceived as scarce, hard to get or forbidden, you will immediately pay more attention to it.  Notice that when you are on a strict diet it’s so easy to focus on all the ‘sin foods’ you cannot have and then suddenly the forbidden foods are more important and attractive than any others on the menu. When something is forbidden, its value suddenly increases. You want it more because other people want it too. If you have ever bid at an auction you will be familiar with the experience of the last minute excitement as you watch the bids spiral upwards. The more people that bid, the more you are willing to pay for the item. You want what you cannot have at any price. And are all these things really better than what you already have or are we, as humans, trained to be dissatisfied with what we have now?


But it’s also useful to remember one very important thing.  Sometimes not getting what you want is could be a wonderful stroke of luck. 


You can want one thing, but have a secret wish for the opposite. 


‘As soon as you stop wanting something, you usually get it’


Until Next Week,


Love and Light,


Linda and The Lulas xxx

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