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We All Have Choices

Hello Readers,

How many times have you heard people tell you ‘I dont have a choice?’ They see themselves as stuck in an old way of life repeating habitual behaviour because its easier than making changes. One of the scariest things I have noticed about so many people is that when it is suggested that they make a conscious effort to change their lifestyle, they recoil in horror, protest that its impossible and then give me a string of excuses, not reasons, as to why they choose to remain in their toxic life of denial and unhappiness, to the point of envying others their success, cheery disposition and ability to turn a negative into a positive.

In some cases, it can take right up until nearly the end of someone’s life for them to suddenly realise where they have gone wrong, but by then it can often be too late. Time is not only a great healer, it also gives us time to think about things. It can take a life changing illness, accident or some other incident to make us realise just how much of our lives we are allowing to waste away. People grow a lot when they are faced with their own mortality. During my years as working with so many people I have learned never to underestimate someone’s capacity for growth, many of which were phenomenal. Many people wish they had the courage to live a life that was true to themselves and not the life that was expected of them. They wish they had the guts to say ‘No’ and mean it rather than go along with things just to keep the peace, the peace for others, not for them. They wish they had the guts to express their feelings and not be so ready to put up with such a medocre existance. Many developed illnesses relating to bitterness and resentment they carried around with them for years. They wish they didnt work so hard and miss their children’s youth and the companionship of a partner or friends. They also wish they had stayed in touch with friends or perhaps offered an olive branch or an apology if that was needed so as not to have allowed a good friendship to waste away and never rekindled when all it needed was a good old chat to put the past to rest. Interestingly, when I mention to them that there are no pockets in shrouds or roof racks on hearses, they wholeheartedly agree when all the time when I look into their eyes, I know they will do nothing about making those all important changes.

Many people do not realise that happiness is a choice and that when you start to delete the unecessary, good things will start happening in your life and it wont be a coincidence either. The so called comfort of familiarity is just pretending to yourself and others that you are content when the truth is the total opposite. When you are on your deathbed or find yourself in a life threatening situation either because of your own state of health or caring for someone who is fighting for their life, suddenly what other people’s opinion of you is no longer relevant. All that matters is that you take personal responsiblity for your own happiness. Life is short. We can be called to the ‘other side’ at any moment. None of us die in numerical order. Each day is a precious gift. When someone moans and groans to you that they are bored and disatisfied, tell them that is their problem, not yours. Surround yourself with genuine friends, rid yourself of selfish people because they will only drag you down. Furnish your home with bright and happy colours. Take up a new hobby, join a group of society. Its a big wondeful world out there full of fantastic people. New friends are only strangers we have not yet met. You dont have to take a chaperone with you either on these jaunts. Attend on your own because you will have a better chance of connecting with new people. Remember, others do things by themselves too. You are not alone. Wear your best clothes. Make the most of your appearance. There is a very true saying. ‘What the eyes doth see, the brain doth believe.’ All things are possible, which means ‘no thing, nothing, is impossible.

Live each day like its your last…because one day, it will be.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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