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19/10/2017 to 25/10/2017

If it’s your birthday this week

A chance meeting with an old friend could mean that you will take up where you last left off and discover that your lives have been running in parallel. This may also be the right time to detach from certain relationships that have run their course and which you feel drain you of your energies.  The first step towards resolving a problem is to admit that you have a problem and if necessary, seek professional advice and guidance.


March 21 – April 20
Your communications skills are improving daily and a close friend will ask you for your advice/   A romantic proposal may set your heart fluttering initially, but not everything that glitters is gold, especially if there are financial problems lurking behind the scenes.  You are being given another chance to put right what is wrong and start doing things a completely new and different way than previously that will introduce you to many new, like minded friends.


April 21 – May 21
Recent events have probably proved turbulent and traumatic in many was and you could still be recovering from the shock of all the changes that have been forced upon you.  Instead of worrying about find the right words to say to someone you care deeply about, just be open and honest and allow the relationship to flow naturally, at its own pace.  An opportunity to launch your own business or change direction career wise will present itself when you least expect it to.


May 22 – June 22
You may not necessarily see yourself as being clever, but something you say or do could make a huge impact in the lives of those closest to you.  Your social life is changing enormously as a result of several tense and dramatic experiences that have taken place recently.  Partings and separations from certain people will have saddened you, but there is a silver lining in every dark cloud and you are about to turn a magical corner allowing you start feeling positive about life once more


June 23 – July 23
What is meant for you will not go past you and if you are interested in meeting a soul mate because you feel alone and incomplete, don’t make the mistake of going out looking for love because when the time is right, your new partner will cross your pathway.  Pressure at work just doesn’t seem to show any signs of going away easily, but just hang in there because several positive changes are on their way that will restore your faith in life once more.


July 24 – August 23
As one door opens, another one shuts bang in your face.  The continuous slog to try to turn your life around over recent months has proved testing to say the least.  As soon as one problem gets sorted out, alone comes the next one, but stay strong and remain patience because a major breakthrough is on its way.  The fact that you can rely on a loved one or good friend is empowering and will give you the confidence you need to go forwards.


August 24 – September 23
You could be offered a wonderful job, but it could also come with a catch that causes you to feel anxious.  Learning a new skill will add to your value in the market place.Because you are tremendously loyal to your family, you are always the one who wants to help and assist in any way possible, but it’s possible that you are taking your kindness one step too far.  Sometimes people must be left to their own devices to discover ways of dealing with stuff themselves.


September 24 – October 234
Quite a lot is being asked of you and you may feel as though too many people want a piece of you and some of your positive energy to rub off onto them.  Be firm and start putting down some important boundaries because now it has to be your time, and  a little pampering and relaxation away from all the drama and chaos will enable your ailing batteries to recharge.


October 24 – November 22
It’s been a challenging year so far and your patience has been seriously tested in several areas, especially regarding certain friendships and personal relationships.  If people tell you that you have changed, reply by telling them that you have finally found yourself and that you like the real you who is now operating in a very positive and confident manner. Holidays will soon be on the horizon so make a few exciting plans to pack your bags and just get away from it all.


November 23 – December 21
Personal relationship and romance will hit the spotlight putting you in a very tense and difficult position regarding one particular area that could involve your working life. You have so many great ideas, but one stands out head and shoulders above the rest, but like with all things, sacrifices will have to be made if you are pursue your dream and realise a long standing ambition close to your heart.


December 22 – January 20
There is no point hiding your feelings because in the end you will feel compelled to speak your mind regarding the behaviour and attitude of either a close relative or business associate.  You may not like what you discover over the coming weeks, but you will be forced to come to terms with the fact that your financial situation has to change. Communication from someone you have lost touch with will come as a welcomed surprise.


January 21 – February 19
No matter how great you feel over the coming few weeks, it’s important that you stay grounded because there is much going on behind the scenes.  If you are still undecided about whether to move house or not, change career or not or end a specific relationship, take time out to think things through before taking action.  An opportunity to launch your own business will set you free from numerous restrictions that have been holding you back.


February 20 – March 20
Entering into any new agreement must be thought through carefully because you cannot afford to lose money on a whim. Be gentle with a loved one because their nerves could be fragile and will not respond well to sharp words and issued ultimatums.  Now is not the time to make unreasonable demands if you are to win support and respect from people you may well need by your side at a later date.