Linda Lancashire’s Weekly Horoscopes

31/07/2014 to 06/08/2014

If it’s your birthday this week…




Most of us like to live in a black and white world with no complications but life is often grey and difficult to understand. However when the mists have cleared and all becomes apparent we wonder why we were so perturbed. A minor blemish in your personal life will also be sorted out and very much to your advantage. Don’t spoil things by hanging on to the past otherwise you will miss important chances to make those all important improvements to your lifestyle.


March 21 – April 20

Relationships are starting to flourish and even though you have felt rushed off your feet lately and under enormous pressure because you are forever trying to beat the clock, good fortune awaits you just around the next corner. Resist becoming embroiled in other people’s problems especially if you have heard their tale before and they have not done anything to remedy their situation up to now. Matters going on behind the scenes work to your advantage.


April 21 – May 21

You need to think big. Whether travelling, studying or about to embark on some other exciting adventure, do not allow pessimists to ruin your plans. Some straight talking with your love partner may be necessary if you are to get your point across and make yourself understood. If single someone you are romantically involved with may be playing mind games because they know precisely which buttons to press in order to send you spinning in the opposite direction. Time to get a grip of the situation.


May 22 – June 22

Wipe away the tears and get ready to start a brand new chapter because your life is about to change dramatically for the best. This is no time to put up with other people’s nonsense or their endless drivel of excuses of why they are not by your side, offering help, love and support. Make a note of who you can trust and rely on and give the hangers on and fair-weather friends a wide berth. Want to improve your finances? Look out for openings and golden opportunities.


June 23 – July 23

Anything is possible and sometimes miracles do happen. Don’t be afraid to probe into the darkest corners of your mind for strength and inspiration. Never one to step away from challenges, you are about to turn a negative into a positive. Soon you will reach an important decision and once you have put plans into action, life will never quite be the same again, but would you really want it to be? If you are serious about a house move, this is the perfect time to put plans into action.


July 24 – August 23

Whatever your current situation you must resist blowing your top yet again and alienating those who you could do with on your side because its still going to be a while before you see your way clear again. If you start to feel tired and exhausted, say no to people who drain your energies and learn to listen to your body. You are not missing anything out there and the grass is definatley not greener either. If you are hoping to meet a new romantic partner, your luck is in because someone simply wonderful is about to step into your life.


August 24 – September 23

A close friend who values your opinion on important matters will be seeking your advice once again. As always, they can rely on you being honest and forthright because you have their interests at heart. A gift given with love could turn out to be more valuable in money terms than you originally anticipated and so look at it as an investment for the future. If you are currently experiencing chaos at home because of renovation work or domestic crisis’s, take heart, the storm will soon pass over and you will have the peace and quiet you silently crave once more.


September 24 – October 23

A new admirer could turn out to be either someone you will chose to ignore or a person you can relate to on a very spiritual level. You will be offered a good proposition at work. Do you want more responsibility? You know you are very capable of doing a job and it could prove lucrative in the long run. A long awaited holiday proves just the tonic. Use it to empty your mind of all your worries and insecurities. A loving partner will give you all the encouragement you need. Two heads are always better than one.


October 24 – November 22

Even the longest journey begins with a single step. You may have experienced numerous set backs recently and your strength and patience has been severely tested, but soon you will be covering a lot of ground and making lots of life changing decisions. One thing is for certain, you will never return to your old lifestyle or bad habits again. First and foremost, your health is top priority and the discovery of who really are your closest and most trusted friends and confidants.


November 23 – December 21

There is a new buoyancy in the air at work and in your private life. You will be hearing from someone who has not been in contact for along time and there will be a chance for you both to catch up on all the news. Foremost in your mind is a financial quandary that needs working out so this is not an ideal time to either overspend or risk getting into debt. Any new initiatives or contacts you make now will bring long term benefits, but the secret is not to underestimate what you are capable of achieving once you put your mind to it.


December 22 – January 20

You know there is various ways you can go but perhaps now is the time to seek professional advice. Someone else can often throw new and helpful solutions illustrating that your future is not as bleak as you are imagining. Keep calm and allow this time to pass, because it will, everything always does. Soon you will be receiving an unexpected invitation could be a party, a holiday or just a welcome get together over a few glasses of wine. You will realise just what good friends and family you truly have.


January 21 – February 19

You are always at your very best when helping others. As always, you you think nothing of putting yourself way down on the list because you are a giver rather than a taker. Going that extra mile for loved ones is a labour of love rather than a chore. The next few months prove life changing in more ways than one, but in an extraordinarily positive way.
Your home and garden is your castle and a very important spiritual retreat. Its somewhere you can return to after a busy day. Use your free time to read, listening to music and reflection.


February 20 – March 20

As progress remains frustratingly slow, reflect on your future. Perhaps it is time for a change, especially if you are not relishing the thought doing things the same way over and over again as you have done in the past. Loved ones need reassurances which is why they turn to you for help, guidance and support. Make a point of taking some much deserved time out with the intention of fulfilling a few of your own dreams and ambitions.

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