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22/08/2018 28/08/2019

If it’s your birthday this week

A current romantic relationship may grow stronger because of the excellent communication and trust that exists between the two of you. If you are seriously thinking of moving house, looking for a new job or making a few positive changes in other areas, now is the perfect time to put plans into action because you are in the right frame of mind to begin an exciting new chapter that will lead you towards new and interesting destinations.


March 21 – April 20

Someone may let you down and this will affect your opinion of this person and question the friendship. A surprise windfall of money will come your way giving you a huge lift because good fortune such as this could make a huge difference to your circumstances. If you are on the dating scene and almost given up all hope of ever meeting ‘that someone special’, don’t give up just yet because there is some very encouraging news on the horizon.


April 21 – May 21

There are some big changes and adjustments happening in your life its important that you keep yourself in tip top condition.  A newcomer on the social scene may initially impress you with their charm and sales pitch, but its also important that you remain guarded about your finances.  This is a good time to consolidate your affairs or rearrange your living situation to something more suitable.


May 22 – June 22

A challenging aspect between  yourself and a close relationship could see you facing some very tricky times ahead, especially if there is a distinct lack of communication.  An excellent opportunity to make some quick money may come your way on  more than one occasion, but its important that you keep such information to yourself because if you don’t you will only end up causing unwanted problems for yourself.


June 23 – July 23

Trying to get your point across to certain individuals, especially those in authority may prove more difficult than you anticipated. The pressure that someone is putting on you is becoming intolerable. You are in the middle of some very important life changes that will affect all aspects of your everyday routine for an indefinite period of time so its important that you do not lose sight of the facts and refrain from jumping to conclusions until you have heard both sides of a story.


July 24 – August 23

Events taking  place in your personal life look extremely interesting, especially if you have recently formed an attachment to someone you have only met casually in the past, but now in regular contact with. At work, this is a time when considerable tension could accumulate, but also be mindful that there is someone looking towards you for guidance and support because they see you as their lifeline.


August 24 – September 23

For some people, events in their lives can seem like a never ending struggle which is why they probably lean on you for strength and can rely on your honesty and sound advice. On going family feuds are still no nearer to being resolved because of a distinct lack of communication Pressure at work seems to be building up daily and a romantic gesture from someone who is extremely fond of you could lead to a very happy and long lasting relationship


September 24 – October 23

Circumstances may present themselves forcing you to voice your opinions regardless of whom you may offend. A close friendship may develop into something far more intense than you originally intended it to. Even if you were not looking for romance,  it looks as though your fortunes are about to change for the better. Prepare yourself for some long distance travel or at least spending a lot of time away from home.


October 24 – November 22

Recent events have forced you to re think your plans to the point of arranging some private time for yourself to enjoy, away from all the unwanted drama that insists on following you around. A friendship may have outgrown your interest as you fight to put more distance between yourself and the person involved only to have to battle even further at keeping them away from your safe and secluded world. A close relative may turn to you for help and guidance.


November 23 – December 21

You may be about to become extremely bored with someone who continuously whines away about their shortcomings and expects you to fix their life for them. A meeting with someone you enjoyed a previous involvement with will set you thinking about the possibility of a reconciliation. A job offer from out of the blue will come at the right time, enabling you to think long and hard about your future plans. A chance to travel to distant locations should be taken full advantage of.


December 22 – January 20

You seem to be in need of some time to yourself so that you can indulge in a period of reflection and the chance to catch up on some rest.  Everything that has happened recently has taken its toll and now its time to slow down a little and start investing in some self love and self care. Some wonderful new friends are about to enter your life who will become increasingly important in your world and include you in all their celebrations.


January 21 – February 19

There will be huge demands made upon your time  and money from friends and loved ones who want you to help them escape from their emotional or financial prison.  Someone who has suffered a major set back recently will greatly appreciate all that you are doing for them in order to get them though a most difficult period. You can expect to start feeling much better about your long term prospects, health and well-being.


February 20 – March 20

The recent demands of life have taken up a great deal of your time and energy.  Its important that you take as much rest as possible and take  maximum advantage of any free time you may have to chill and enjoy some quality time with the people you love the most. A rare opportunity to make some extra money will come your way enabling you to think more positively about your long term prospects and material security.