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08/04/2021 14/04/2021

If it’s your birthday this week

A current venture will either fold up for good or you are about to make a lot of money out of something very simple, yet in great public demand. Your instincts are extremely sharp and acute these days, so much so, that each new person you encounter, you will literally see the colour of their aura and into their thinking.


March 21 – April 20

Offer your support to someone who needs it. Sharing your skills with a team at work or amongst friends could make short work of their problems. Start making travel plans because soon you will be in a much better position to enjoy a break from all the monotony of everyday life. Interesting developments in both your working and personal life will restore your confidence in life once more.


April 21 – May 21

Sometimes you will do anything to keep people happy, even to your cost or detriment. Important decisions at work will have a big effect upon your future. You have every reason to be optimistic now that doors are beginning to open leading you to meeting other likeminded people who will appreciate your friendship. You may find yourself growing close to someone you feel you can form a close relationship with.


May 22 – June 22

Unexpected developments in your personal life could change the course of your life forever sending you off in a very different direction. Changes are on their way that will contribute to lightening your load, thus giving you more freedom and the opportunity to pursue new interests.  You may even embark on a brand-new business venture that involves a partner, but make sure that all the necessary legalities in put into place first.


June 23 – July 23

You are entitled to a life of your own. Remember, others must fit in with your timetable, not always you accommodating them. Events will cause you to reconsider a long-term strategy because it is vital that you put your needs first. Pay attention to the state of your finances because now is not the ideal time to risk putting yourself into debt.


July 24 – August 23

Focus your energies on developing your happiness and general wellbeing. Avoid getting embroiled in any form of toxicity if you wish to make steady progress towards fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. Some thought must be put into the future of your career or business. You will be given every opportunity to start over again, only this time doing things differently and on your terms.


August 24 – September 23

An old heartbreak will slowly heal and fade away allowing you to make a fresh new start. A close friend’s life will seemingly be running parallel to yours so there will be lots of opportunity to compare notes. You have always been intuitive, and this makes you alert to the feelings of others. Do not ignore warning signals about someone who is less than honest.


September 24 – October 23

By spreading your wings and venturing out by joining new social groups, you are sure to meet other alike minded friends who are fun to be and full of stimulating conversation away from issues that have been draining your energies. An announcement will create buzzing excitement and feelings of optimism about your future career and personal prospects.


October 24 – November 22

Do you believe in karma? Someone who has treated you badly in the past will regret their actions, but by now it will be too late. You may even seek legal advice over a matter that needs attention.  A feeling of restlessness or frustration may  drive you towards instigating a change of direction which could affect your career or involve a complete relocation for a fresh new start.


November 23 – December 21

You have made some excellent decisions about which friends you are interested in keeping in touch with and whom to distance yourself from. More travel than usual looks likely and if you are interested in purchasing a holiday home, now is the time to look around for a worthwhile investment. You can look forward to new admirers and some dinner dates as you never know where chance meetings may lead to.


December 22 – January 20

A huge increase in your finances or just a lucky windfall will change the pathway of your life in more ways than are currently imaginable. Dedicate your time to getting back into spiritual balance in all spheres of your life, even if it means a serious lifestyle change.  New and exciting doors are starting to open because you are ready to advance in a different direction to before.


January 21 – February 19

Times are changing and there is a great need for you to learn new crafts and skills that will serve you well in the future. Because your intuition can be trusted, you will instantly recognise who is genuine and who is out for their own gains, although your honestly does not always make you popular in certain areas. You are a truth seeker and must always choose your companions wisely.


February 20 – March 20

Someone is going to offer you an enormous amount of help and encouragement that will enable you to find the peace of mind and emotional stability that you have yearned for.You are ready for some new challenges and this could even mean uprooting and travelling far and wide in a totally different direction.