Linda Lancashire’s Weekly Horoscopes

18/12/2014 to 24/12/2014

If it’s your birthday this week…




This year you may want a completely different kind of birthday celebration. Perhaps you will feel far happier not having deadlines to meet and busting a gut to arrange a party for the benefit of everyone else, at your cost, as usual. A surprise holiday all booked and paid for could be given to you as a gift from someone who appreciates and loves you. An envious so called friend will be given his or her marching orders as you vow never to tolerate unacceptable behaviour again. A great opportunity to start a new business or change career direction could not have come at a better time.


March 21 – April 20

Because you believe your ideas are the best and most original, you will stop at nothing pointing these facts out and will do almost anything to succeed in getting your own way. However, someone very close to you is harbouring a guilty secret and keeping the facts away from you in order to avoid a showdown because they know how angry you can get at times. An impromptu meeting with someone you find wildly attractive and charismatic may lead you into temptation whether you are living with a partner or not. You may find yourself feeling restless and bored because you feel so trapped.


April 21 – May 21

You are a natural team player and enjoy nothing better than a good old gossip with work colleagues and close friends. An ex partner will continue to rear his or her head intermittently with the intention of causing you as much agitation as possible. A worrying financial matter cannot be ignored any longer. Make it a priority to put your house in order once and for all. Someone you have been communicating with regularly will lead to a first date, but whether or not you are interested in proceeding any further after that point will be up to you to decide.


May 22 – June 22

Maybe its time for a change? If you are looking for a new to direct your energies in there is no finer time than now to make a few of your dreams come true. What is the point of just sitting there feeling frustrated and out of sorts? When the going gets tough, the tough get going!! A surprise bonus could be heading your way. Accept a dinner date invitation and get out of your rut. If its love and romance that you are seeking you wont be disappointed as there are plenty of fish in the sea so now is your big chance to make a good first impression.


June 23 – July 23

Someone who thought they knew you really well is going to be very surprised, if not speechless at an announcement you are about to make. For once you are thinking about your own happiness and putting yourself at the top of your priority list. If you are tangled up in a complicated love triangle and your partner is doing absolutely nothing to rectify the situation, no wonder you are starting to lose patience and finding that the grass is greener elsewhere? You may even meet someone new who deserves your companionship and who will appreciate what you have to offer in a relationship.


July 24 – August 23

Looking for new love? The prospects look interesting. You may even meet someone soon under some very unusual circumstances. An ex lover will show signs of jealousy and anger because you are getting on with your life and have no intention of living in the past in quite the same he or she is. Party invitations will come flooding your way because you are projecting positive vibrations. A difficult situation at work will iron itself out but only because you choose to remain neutral and refuse to be dragged into their quarrels and arguments. Its possible that you will be head hunted by a job agency.


August 24 – September 23

Someone may ask you for a big favour but it could end up costing you dearly. Your advice will be sought by a close friend who is experiencing a huge dilemma. There is only so much you can do or say as you don’t possess a magic wand to make everything right for them or anyone else. An elderly relative will prove demanding and unreasonable insisting on having all their own way. A clandestine meeting with someone you cannot stop thinking about could lead to a deep passionate relationship leaving you wanting more and a commitment from your partner. You could be in for a long wait.


September 24 – October 23

Work and business opportunities will continue to embrace you as you start to really enjoy what is on offer. Someone you have given wise advice to may choose to ignore it but at their peril. Experience cannot be taught and there are certain people that you have met during the course of your life who are short sighted and motivated by greed. You are right to wash your hands of such individuals focusing only on what is important to you. You may discover that you have a food allergy or intolerance that has been affecting your well being. The changes you are making will work to your advantage in more ways than one.


October 24 – November 22

Something or someone that was important in your life a short while ago is no longer foremost in your mind. Instead you are more concerned about putting your life in order and addressing niggling health issues that are causing you to feel as though you are no longer able to enjoy your life to the full. By changing your diet, thinking and taking up new hobbies and interests you will begin to not only feeling so much better inside and out but you will also attract to you new people who will be only too pleased to be part of your social circle.


November 23 – December 21

Although there are meetings to attend and people to wine and dine with but once again once again you will put yourself under lots of undue strain and pressure because of all that is expected of you and you simply do not have any more time to spare. Life is chaotic enough, but this will not put off demanding, selfish people taking advantage of your good nature. Your current partner may be someone who walks away from an argument because they are not natural communicators. Ask yourself an honest question. What do you really have in common?


December 22 – January 20

If you love your partner and your relationship is worth fighting for then don’t be a fool and throw it away just because you are not being told what you want to hear or that you are being challenged. A friendship you may be involved with may not be ticking all your boxes so without a heart to heart discussion, there is little scope for improvement. A blind date may go exceptionally well to the point where a brand new chapter commences that works well for you both. A relative may be using their illnesses or emotional problems as a way of avoiding certain responsibilities.


January 21 – February 19

You know how to get your own way and how to manipulate certain people who always seem to be conveniently placed at your beck and call. Someone may accuse you of using victim mentality and a row could break out as a result. A delicate situation at work will need careful handling and its important that you don’t find yourself virtually working for nothing because you wont be any better thought of in the end. A job not worth paying isn’t worth doing is it? A younger family member may confide in your about their financial difficulties hoping that you offer to bail them out.


February 20 – March 20

Spending money on yourself is a great morale booster and you are right to enjoy that well deserved treat. A chance meeting with an old friend could either lead to more outings arranged or you may feel its time to go your separate ways. A family dispute could arise that will cause bad feeling and with lots of accusations flying around in all directions. If you are currently house-hunting or seriously considering renovating your existing home and feeling frustrated, be patient, there will be a pleasant surprise coming your way soon.

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