Linda Lancashire’s Weekly Horoscopes

28/08/2014 to 03/09/2014

If it’s your birthday this week…




If you have suffered an emotional loss or lived through a particularly difficult period, the darkness will slowly begin to disappear allowing new people, activities and adventures to enter many areas of your everyday life. A spiritually minded newcomer may become a long standing, true and treasured friend because of how much you both have in common. You are entering a wonderful new period.


March 21 – April 20

Focus your energies on furthering your happiness and well being. Avoid toxic foods, beverages and people if you wish to make steady progress.
A recovery period has commenced enabling you to heal old wounds and
start over again. An old love will slowly fade away allowing you to make new contacts and begin a more successful chapter with a partner who is far more suitable and sensitive to your needs. A close friend’s life will seemingly be running parallel to yours so there will be lots of chatter on the telephone and over social arrangements.


April 21 – May 21

Stress and pressure at work will continue to drain your energies as more and more responsibility is piled high on your plate. A make or break scenario in your career looks ever more likely. Regarding a certain situation, you will decide to cut your losses and go back to the drawing board in an attempt to move forwards and start over again. Its not possible to change another person’s thinking and if they refuse to see sense or at least agree to a compromise.


May 22 – June 22

Interesting developments in both your working and personal life will restore your faith in life once more as you realise that doors are beginning to open which will lead you to meeting new like minded people that will appreciate your friendship. Even if you are happily single and not really in the mood for an intense relationship, you will find yourself growing close to someone you feel you can trust, as a companion, perhaps more one day, we shall see?


June 23 – July 23

Unexpected developments will transpire shortly that will change the course of your life forever. If you are disillusioned with your career or personal relationship, foreseeable changes are on their way that will contribute to lightening your load, thus giving you more freedom and breathing space. You may even embark on a brand new business venture that will pay handsomely once you get going. If single, be cautious about any newcomer as it’s important that you get to know something about them first before involving yourself in their world and problems.


July 24 – August 23

Devote time and attention to your loved ones and put home matters first every time. Remember, others must fit in with your timetable, not you with theirs. Events will cause you to re think a long term strategy because it’s vital that you put your emotional and mental needs first. Pay attention to finances, especially if you have gone mad with overspending and now find yourself in arrears. An appointment to visit the bank at some point may be necessary.


August 24 – September 23

By joining a new social group you are sure to meet other alike minded individuals who are fun to be and full of stimulating conversation away from work and home issues that have recently been draining your energies. An announcement will create buzzing optimism and feelings of goodwill with both yourself and those you are closest to encouraging you to make new plans for a brighter future. A few sacrifices and compromises may have to be made but nothing you cannot take in your stride.


September 24 – October 23

Someone who has treated you badly in the past may expect a warm welcome from you and your loved ones, behaving as though nothing has happened. You may even seek advice from someone who is not emotionally involved and who is able to remain objective whilst counselling you over this matter. Not only that, your restlessness may also drive you to want a change of job and search for a re location because you feel ready for a complete change.


October 24 – November 22

You appear to have made some very final decisions about which friends you are interested in keeping in touch with and whom to drop off your Christmas card list. Overseas travelling looks likely and if you are interested in purchasing a holiday home, now is the time to look around for the sale of the century. Singles can look forward to new admirers and some dinner dates as you never know where chance meetings will lead to. A huge increase in your finances or just a lucky windfall lifts your spirits enormously.


November 23 – December 21

Dedicate your time to getting back into balance in all spheres of your life, even if it means eliminating one or two people because they are hangers on and boring you to tears. New and exciting doors are starting to open because you are ready to advance in a different direction as there is a great need now for you to learn new crafts and make the most use of your talents. Because your intuition can be trusted, you will instantly recognise who is genuine and who is out for their own gains.


December 22 – January 20

Someone is going to offer you an enormous amount of help and encouragement that will enable you to really find the peace of mind and emotional stability that you have yearned for previously, but have had to wait for until now. You are ready for some new challenges and this could even mean up rooting and travelling far and wide in a totally different direction. Some of you may even feel like throwing the towel in, packing your bags and saying good bye to the circus!!


January 21 – February 19

Numerous fascinating new people will be entering your world soon bringing with them conversations and suggestions that appeal to your sense of adventure. A business venture will either fold up for good, or you are about to make a lot of money out of something very simple, yet in great public demand. Your instincts are extremely sharp and acute these days, so much so, that each new person you encounter, you will literally see the colour of their aura and also tune into what they are thinking about.


February 20 – March 20

Whereas previously you may have been soft hearted and welcoming to all passing strangers, all this has now changed and you are right to view people with a degree of scepticism. There is a chance that you will meet someone whom you feel you could have a romantic relationship with if the opportunity allows. It all depends on a few important mitigating factors and whether or not you are in the market for a new partner. A financial windfall will come out of the blue enabling you to feel more self assured and in a position to pay off debts.

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