Linda Lancashire’s Weekly Horoscopes

29/01/2015 to 04/02/2015

If it’s your birthday this week…




It’s taken a long time but at long last you are beginning to see the end of what has been a long hard road, with numerous disappointments on the way and at times the feeling of hopelessness enveloping your every moment.  Now you can bravely look at new horizons that are full of promise of better things to come.  You are leaving an old way of life behind once and for all and will receive love and support from the most unexpected quarters.  You are starting to realise what your life is all about and what you must do next in order to fulfil your ambitions and make a few dreams come true.  A romantic situation will bring satisfaction and fulfilment into your life in a way that it never has previously, probably because you have finally met someone who is exactly right for you this time.


March 21 – April 20

A new lover could soon appear on the horizon that is far more in tune with your needs and desires than anyone you have previously been involved with.   You may be tempted to neglect a task or chore that is really your responsibility.  Perhaps you cant be bothered and would rather chill out in front of the TV instead. You’ll be in a no nonsense mood when dealing with family members.


April 21 – May 21

You will learn something to your benefit over the next few days.  Events at work could spiral out of control with emotions running over the top. However, you will find a ridiculous way of manipulating things to work your way giving you a greater advantage than your opponents.  An ex partner still refuses to let go of the past.  By now will be feel bored with their neediness and feel compelled to tell he or she exactly what you think about the whole situation.


May 22 – June 22

Looks as though you may ‘call it a day’ regarding a personal relationship,  Probably because you realise that you are wasting your time and better off spending time with people you appreciate your kindness rather than taking your friendship for granted.  Don’t drive a wedge between yourself and a close friend because he or she is not telling you what you want to hear.   A new romances beckons with someone you find incredibly attractive but who plays mind games.


June 23 – July 23

Even though it’s hard to imagine, your whole life is slowly changing direction because you are now starting to people and things from a totally different perspective, so much so that you are starting to wonder why you even tolerated them previously at all? As a result, you are beginning to enjoy your own company far more than putting up with those who have nothing remotely interesting to say or those who show little or no sensitivity towards others.  It’s possible that right now you are not getting enough rest and suffering from sleep deprivation for a number of reasons, however, this phase is only temporary and will soon pass.  If you are romantically involved with someone who is difficult to live with, yet you love with all your heart, you will have to do some very deep thinking and soul searching to decide what to do for the best in the long term.  Take your time; there is no rush to arrive at an instant conclusion.


July 24 – August 23

A number of recent incidents lately have woken you up from out of your beauty sleep and shook you rigid to the point where now you are more than aware of who your true friends are and which people have earned your trust and respect.  If there is one thing you cannot abide, it’s being talked about and discussed behind your back and there has been plenty of that going on recently.  Hangers on are being turned out big style because you are fed up with their attitude and mischief making.  Instead, as a result of all these changes  you are about to realise a number of dreams and ambitions coming true because you are putting yourself and your need first rather than fitting in with others just to keep the peace.  Don’t even question whether or not to take a holiday because if anyone needs one and deserves a bit of peace and quiet, its you.


August 24 – September 23

Although you enjoy socialising and meeting new people and can think of nothing more entertaining than throwing a dinner party for a group of newcomers, right now you are thinking twice because of your financial commitments and refusal to go into debt just for the sake of pleasing a few folk who always expect you to put your hand in your pocket first.  Instead, you may decide to spend some quality time on the dating scene with a view to meeting someone totally different to the norm because you enjoy good intelligent conversation, especially if you are currently single and want to meet a new friend.  A romantic weekend away with someone extremely attractive and full of personality will light up your life and open a few doors that have been slammed shut in your face for what seems like an eternity.


September 24 – October 23

A night of passion may lead to either a full blown romance with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure or just a simply goodbye at the end and thanks for the experience.  Someone from your past may also turn up from out of the blue expecting to speak to you about the possibilities of starting the relationship over again.  You have some tough choices to make and not even your closest friends will be able to help you with this lot as at the end of the day, you must do what your heart dictates. A delicate political situation at work is proving explosive with you centre stage and if you are not careful, you may take the brunt of it once everything kicks off and a confrontation is required.  Pay attention to what others are babbling on about in their coffee breaks or down at the wine bar after hours as this will work to your advantage.


October 24 – November 22

You are on an exciting journey of self discovery and realising just how strong and resolute you are once you have made a decision.  Not only that, you are becoming more and more aware of what certain people can be like when they are sober and not full of drink and false promises to the point where you are avoiding them like the plague so as not to become embroiled in their messed up lives.  Potential new admirers will endeavour to wine and dine you with the intention of making a lasting impression upon your heart; however, you are more street wise these days so it’s going to take a miracle for you to even consider entertaining them again unless you can see just a spark of difference with even one of them.  You are on the right track to carving out a brand new life with a happy ending at the end of it all.


November 23 – December 21

Because of previously difficult past experiences in your love life and the agony you have endured when things went wrong, you are now behaving more cautiously before jumping into  situations blindly just because you don’t want to be on your own and think you have to be part of a couple in order to be happy.  You are now more than aware of the fact that if you are not happy within your own heart and in your own space, then no one out there can fill that empty void.  You must do that yourself.  If you are single, the right person will come along when you are not consciously looking.  Our lives are mapped out and what is meant to happen will happen at precisely the right moment so learn to trust the universe as it won’t disappoint you. Create some personal time for you, so that you can enjoy your own space, read a book, watch a movie or just rest.  You need to think more about your health and well being.


December 22 – January 20

So much is going on in your world right now and there is little private time for you to just sit back and smell the coffee.  You feel as though you are on some kind of merry go around because people are making such huge demands upon your time and energy.  If you don’t call a halt to all this roller coasting it will be too late for you to put on the breaks because by that time the hangers on and those with an agenda will have had their pound of flesh and moved on to the next poor unsuspecting person who will provide them with much the same.   Its time you sorted your heart and mind out once and for all and realise that you have to get on with your life because time is racing by and you must learn to enjoy being in your own space in your own company before you can even begin commence pursuing new friendships or romance even.


January 21 – February 19

There is someone you are either related to or friendly with who is either equally as strong a personality as you or even stronger, which is not going down well because you both like to be top boss and insist on being right even when you are evidently wrong.  A number of challenging scenarios are going to take place soon and before you even consider entering into verbal combat, you must get your facts right otherwise you risk look a complete fool.  A new acquaintance may turn out to be one of your greatest allies in the future because they understand which direction you are coming from.  An overdue, much earned holiday could be yours if you start shopping about looking for the best bargains.  If you are keen on renovating your home or moving house soon, now is the time put your feelers out and see what bargains are available.  Otherwise, keep a tight hold of your pennies until later.


February 20 – March 20

You may have not noticed it yet but someone is playing cat and mouse games with your heart.  Its highly likely  that you have given them all your power and so they are now conducting the foreplay of either a romance or business venture on their terms dictating their wants and dislikes knowing that you will dance to their tune.  If single, its possible that you are feeling a little wild and excitable at all the attention you are receiving just recently and this is making you feel incredibly energised and in the mood for partying.  New job offers or chances to make even more changes with your career will cause your adrenalin levels to reach sky high because you will discover ways in which to increase your income for very little effort on your part.  A close friend will turn to you in their hour of need knowing that you will know exactly what to do under such difficult circumstances.

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