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What Sets You Apart Is Your Unique Individuality

Hello Readers,

If you have ever experienced that feeling of loneliness, isolation, differentness and always made to feel more like an outsider, these same feelings have probably followed you and been part of your life from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter how happy, rich, poor or successful you are, those feelings always remain within you and often the behaviour and attitude of others will constantly remind you that you are your own person and a complete individual. Just be glad that you do not have the herd mentality and that you can think for yourself. You don’t need permission to stay alive.

Always protect your privacy for it is unwise to wear your heart on your sleeve. Refrain from displaying your vulnerabilities and people will stop taking advantage. There should always be a small gap between you and your friends , and although you may sometimes miss their presence, that way you will also avoid their disrespect. Familiarity breeds contempt.

If someone or something is not contributing to your life positively, the best way to deal with it is to grow apart from it. No bad feelings, no remorse, it’s about recognising that you no longer relate to whatever it is anymore. Simple disconnect and move on. Nothing brings lovers closer than people trying to keep them apart. Sometimes you are planted apart from someone to see how you will grow together, or even if that is remotely possible.

For many people society has no place to offer and so they walk alone, in their own light, following their own destiny, but preferably in their own company than mingling with fools. It’s important to choose our own friends. We are all free spirits and not meant to belong to anyone nor anything in particular. We are born with a unique individuality and spend all of our lives trying to make our own place in it, somewhere where we won’t be judged nor disturbed, somewhere safe and peaceful and a home to call our own.

Perhaps you are now learning that your strengths, talents and special gifts indicate that it’s good to be different to anyone else, and why would you want to be like them anyway. In time you will realise that it’s other people who yearn to be more like you because they dislike being themselves.

If you want to stand out, don’t just be different, be outstanding. And sometimes we are fortunate enough to find our twin soulmate, someone who loves us for just the magnificent, crazy, quirky way that we are. Always together, rarely apart, maybe in distance, but always in one another’s heart. If you dream each other’s dreams, then you are never truly apart. In the end, you are not the one with anything to fear.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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