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What Will Be Will Be

Hello Readers,

Realise that if a door is closed, it’s for a reason. It’s because what’s behind it is not meant for you. The doors of fate and destiny cannot be forced open. The only doors that will open easily are the ones that invite you to walk through them to learn what secrets lie behind them and the adventures which await you along your journey of life. Sometimes what seems like a wrong turn will lead you to the right place. Little by little, day by day, what’s meant to be will always find it’s way.

If two hearts are meant to be together, fate will find a way to unite them no matter how far or impossible the whole scenario may seem. Some people you meet can stir your soul in the most subtle way and bring to it either great joy, misery or both. Life can be tough at times and some people very hard to handle. Occasionally, thinking are bound to go upside down, but during every phase of your life, there are important lessons to learn and in order to grow, it’s necessary to find ways of emerging out of troubles and face challenges because they are all part and parcel of your spiritual development.

Everything that happens is meant to be. People come and go, but life is about seeing who cares enough to stay and time reveals all that we need to know, so just be patient and wait. Why does anyone love someone? Some things are just destined and if they weren’t they wouldn’t happen.

The practice of love offers no place of safety because we risk loss, hurt, pain and sorrow. Joy and pain will always go hand in hand. Love is the greatest and most powerful force on Earth and we all need to love and to be loved to feel any sense of worth and belonging. One of the worst mistakes a person can make is to hold onto a relationship in which the other person refuses to be present. Never beg for love. Never beg someone to love you back or be with you when they would much rather be elsewhere doing other things. Never beg for their time, because if its not given freely then it isn’t worth having. If you have to beg them to stay, then they shouldn’t be there at all, so why beg them to stay? Never change yourself to accommodate their requirements or expectations of you because you won’t be able to keep up that facade indefinitely because one day the cracks in that relationship will begin to show and denying them will only prolong the agony. Sooner or later the truth about your life will surface, it has to, its the law of nature.

A good love can make your heart soar high up to the sky, but a bad love can leave you devastated and broken. Nothing is either set in stone nor guaranteed because life can change in a split second in just the same way that fortunes can be made and lost overnight. You can’t force trust nor honesty, the two most important ingredients of any relationship. You can’t force chemistry nor understanding. You can’t force a connection and you can’t force someone to love you.

Never force yourself to have a space in anyone’s life because if they really appreciate your worth, they will surely create a special place in their heart for you. There comes a moment in time when you must cut the ties and move on to create the next chapter of your life. The moment everything changes is when you open your eyes and realise that you deserve something better. Some things are meant to be, but not destined to last. Let a love find you who will never think of leaving a heart like yours. We cannot go back to who we once were. We can only go on and become the person we were meant to be. You may not be where you want to be, but where fate has decreed that you must be, which is the only reason you have arrived in this place today. Trust the timing of your life because it’s the only pace you can go at.

Love and light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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