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Why Do Some People Think They Are More Superior To Others?

Hello Readers,
It never ceases to amaze me how some people really think they are more superior than others.
Many of these type act this way to compensate for what they know is lacking in their lives.
Others have been spoilt as children and always got what they wanted regardless of how they acted.
Some people go to ridicules lengths to be awkward.
We have all heard of the show business Diva whose underlying message is, unless you give me what
I want, you will end up regretting it.
People who feel they are superior often try to intimate or manipulate you .These people are totally
unpredictable and often have erratic behaviour.
Going into a rage or trying to down grade you are all part of their strategies to knock you off your
Rarely does any good come out of arguing with negative people.
Often they initiate negative messages in the hope of trigging a response from you. If you react you
are giving them what they want.
If we allow negativity into our lives it spreads into every other area.
My best advice is to eliminate difficult or superior thinking people from your life. If you don’t they
will drain your energy.
……because feeding off other peoples energy and demoralising them is how they get their kicks.
They surround themselves with weak, dependent types who hang on to their every word…whereas
put them in front of someone strong, feisty and who has a backbone…and yes… you have
guessed…they don’t like it one jot!!! They don’t stand up well to being challenged do they?
Like many of you, I also have encountered such arrogant people during my life time.
They are no friends of mine, I can assure you.
There is something beautifully attractive about someone who displays humility, empathy, kindness
and compassion…they are more my kind of people…

Until next week,
Love and Light,
Linda and The Lulas xxx

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