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You Are Where You Need To Be, Just Take A Deep Breath

Hello Readers,

If you want to conquer the anxieties of life, start by living in the moment and don’t be afraid to breathe, after all, it is the secret of life and without it we are no more.

Breathing is the hardest lesson to learn in life, but slowly and steadily you can improve one step at a time. This will give you absolute total control of yourself. Running yourself into panic mode, falling to the ground and losing the plot is not total control. Shouting and screaming at a mirror at yourself or others is not total control. it’s called stressing yourself out over nothing and then regretting your actions, but by then it’s too late. Waking up to improvement as a human is a slow painful process which can take a lifetime, and even then, some people never do. Decades can be spent soul searching and trying to make sense of everything depending how much knowledge and information you can absorb from your life experiences.

The more you experience the more you learn, grow and spiritually evolve. Giving in on life after your first failure is a massive, irreversible mistake. You alone are the driver of your own thought’s, no one else . You either choose to listen to negativity or you choose to absorb positive information. Both ways are optional , but depending upon what you choose to absorb, this will give you the energy and the power to make something worthwhile of your time on this earth.

Never judge anyone nor look down on them because you are not walking in their shoes, so not fully furnished of all their circumstances or details. Mistakes are made by listening to gossip or jumping to conclusions. Make a point of always flowing with life’s energies and always glide along to where destiny intends on taking you. Always try your best in everything that you do, no matter how small or humble. Always remember that you are who you are and be true and kind to yourself. We can only take one day at a time and if things don’t go too well today, then tomorrow is another day. But for now, live for today.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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