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You Don’t Have To Fit In Anywhere

Hello Readers,

If you have ever experienced that feeling of loneliness of being an outsider, you may discover that throughout your life it never quite leaves you. It doesn’t matter how happy, rich, poor or successful you are, that feeling always stays within you. Its knowing the deep sadness of a strange kind of exile to which there is no beginning and no end.

For many of us society has no place to offer and so we walk alone all our lives through the darkness trying not to stumble, just trying to survive. Some of us aren’t even meant to belong to anyone nor anything in particular. We were born free spirited with a unique individuality and spend all our lives turning our world upside down endeavouring to make our own place in it where we won’t be judged nor disturbed, somewhere safe and peaceful. You long for a home you have never experienced and dream of belonging and acceptance, but you never really feel as though you fit in anywhere, but ultimately, as the years go by, do you really want to? Do you really want to be like the rest of them? Perhaps you now realise your strengths in being different to the others.

Being comfortable inside your own skin provides you with a very strong power because not many people are capable of achieving nor existing on such a high spiritual frequency. Many will be so intimidated by your presence that rather than face you, they will instead hide until they think the coast is clear. When you are around them they will try to make you feel small and unworthy. If you notice, they suddenly become louder, talking and laughing over you, pretending you are not really there just to drown you out, hoping you will go away because what they fear the most is their exposure. The look in their eyes expresses everything they dare not say to your face, always eager to discuss you with others when your back is turned.

Their problem is that they are insanely jealous of who you are, everything you have somehow managed to attain in life and everything stand for makes them look and feel like failures. In truth, they are scared of you, terrified that once they let their guard down that you will be able to look deeply into their dark and twisted soul and see them for what and who they really are. You are not the one with anything to fear.

Never let them question who you are and no matter what, always stay true to yourself. Be good to those who are good to you and remember, all those who were never good to you should be left in exactly the same place you found them. Believe in yourself because this is now your time.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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