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You Need Yourself To Become Your Own Person

Hello Readers,

There is a difference between happiness and inner peace.

Happiness depends on external conditions being perceived as positive, inner peace does not. Never be ashamed of what you have been through, rather, be proud of what you have overcome and achieved. Explore yourself first before searching for other company because certain people can often complicate things and bring no joy. Get to know your own worth by knowing yourself well and feeling at peace in your own space. Only then will you know what you need out of life to be happy and content instead of yearning for what you only think you want because the grass is never greener on the other side. As time goes by we have to be prepared to readjust our boundaries. What was once acceptable pin the past no longer works because everything is constantly changing, most of all, ourselves. We must be prepared to expand our thinking and meet our new vibrational frequency in order to be sustained, otherwise we risk becoming weakened and ill. The reality of who we are and how we feel about ourselves is within our own energy and vibrations, which in turn , is reflected back at us in the way we behave and make others feel. You have to give to receive. It is the circle of life and the law of karma.

Respect your body when it’s asking for a break and your mind when it needs a rest. Honour your privacy when you need a few moments of peace to think and reflect. The inner calm and contentment you crave is already in you, it’s just that you can’t feel it because the mind is making too much noise and your nerves are restless and frazzled. We try so hard to hide what we are really feeling from those who need to know the truth of what is actually going on beneath the surface. Acting like you don’t care isn’t letting go, it’s pretending and living in denial of the truth. It’s a sign of emotional immaturity and insecurity.

The real spiritual awakening is when something quite remarkable emerges from within you that is much deeper and stronger than you thought you were. One could almost say that something magnificently bright shines outwardly, dazzling those in your presence, yet drawing them towards you at the same time. Growth and change are both painful but there is nothing worse than staying where you don’t belong. All stories have beginnings and endings. Nothing lasts forever. Clinging to the past is futile and a waste of energy. Relationships don’t need false compliments and cannot thrive within a shallow heart. They need love, understanding and unshakable trust. You can’t rebuild a new empire on a pile of dead bodies. We cannot force anything nor anyone to like, love nor accept us. What is important is that we love and accept ourselves. True love, trust, respect and friendship is not for sale, it has to be given freely.

It is our duty to serve as an example, and those who are ready will join us.

Love and light,

Linda and the Lulas xxx

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