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Your Perspective Of Life

Hello Readers,

Something surprisingly uplifting is slowly unfolding in your future and you will soon start feeling the positive energy both surrounding you and driving you forwards in a brand new direction, probably one which you had not previously even considered nor entertained, up until now, that is.

Depending on what your perception of good luck stands for is important to your future happiness. If its winning the lottery and ending up with millions tucked up under your bed, then this can only be put down to fantasy and is highly improbable for most people . If it’s you learning how to recognise chances and opportunities as they come along and working on refining your own skills, paying close attention to what is possible with a little bit of self-belief and effort on your part, you will be pleased with what you may find. Despite the deeply personal aspect of a problem you are currently struggling with, take heart, because you are in a situation so many other people have dealt with time and time again, it’s just that they managed to find a solution, so will you? Although we all have to learn to live with certain difficulties and challenges, there are a few you can very easily free yourself from once you change your thinking and your idea of what matters and what does not.

No situation lasts forever and nothing can remain the same, so the wisest thing to do is to be patient because in the fullness of time change will happen, doors close and new ones open because this is the way of life and we can only ever go forwards, looking, listening and hopefully learning, growing, developing and evolving mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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