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It Takes Strength And Courage To Admit The Truth And Time And Patience To Discover It

Hello Readers,

The truth is always something that is told, but not always known nor even believed. Fact is often stranger than fiction. Some say seeing is believing whilst others prefer to live in denial.

Never be afraid to raise your voice in the name of honesty, truth and compassion against the injustices of greed and power. Don’t bend, water the facts down or go along with someone just to keep the peace because eventually you will become resentful and tired of it all. There are no secrets or lies that will not surface in the fullness of time.

Living with integrity means not settling for less than you know you deserve. Make your choices based on what you believe are right for you because ultimately, you are the one who must live with your own conscience, bearing in mind that some don’t have a conscience and so what matters to you will have no impact on them.

Speaking your truth isn’t always easy. It may be empowering and freeing, but in doing so you will always leave yourself wide open to the criticism of others, mostly the ones who feel directly threatened with hearing the truth or being exposed as being dishonest. You may have already noticed that they are much happier living a lie with their head conveniently buried in a bucket of sand, avoiding reality and comfortably positioned in their dreamland bubble. To them the outside world doesn’t exist and everything in their life is safe and lovely. Nothing is ever their fault, others are always to blame.

We all have a story to tell and wisdoms to share. If you have the courage to speak your truth and someone wants to launch their own self hatred at you, stand in your truth and see it for what it is. People who go out of their way to try and tear others down are slowly drowning in a pool of their own unhealed pieces. Love yourself, believe in yourself, do not let others dictate how you see yourself or how you choose to live your life. Wish them well by all means, but never allow anyone to take away the very heart of you and turn it into mush.

You’ve so worked hard to arrive at this point today and have fought bloodied battles others will never know the truth about. You are powerful, you are magnificent, you are so incredibly strong and your story matters because it’s all about your life experiences and how you have managed to survive one hundred percent of what heaven and hell have thrown at you.

Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking the truth and acting accordingly. It’s time to proclaim the truth rather than be silenced by fear. There is a price for telling the truth, but an even greater one for living a lie.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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