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Make The Most Of Every Opportunity

Life is a mountain. Your goal is to find your path, not necessarily to reach the top. The most important things in your life are your soul purpose and the people you love.  Life is  lived from the inside out so when you shift the energy from the inside outwardly, your life begins to shift in an extraordinary way externally.

Habitual procrastinators will readily testify to all the lost opportunities, missed deadlines, failed relationships and even monetary losses incurred just because of one nasty habit of putting things off until it is often too late to reverse any procedures. Some people never stop complaining or blaming. Difficult and meaningful will always bring more satisfaction than easy and meaningless. It’s not how many things you start that make you successful, it’s how many worthwhile things you finish and missions completed.

Life is so fragile and short, so live it, love it and grab it. Anger is negative, so dump it and avoid toxic people. Fear is awful, so face your demons and deal with your issues. The world is influenced and changed by your example, not by your opinion. A person becomes unstoppable after they realise they deserve the best and also do their best for others. When the time is right, what is meant for you will not bypass you. The past has no power to prevent you from being in the present, only your mind can do that. Your grievances and reluctance to shift out of your comfort zone is holding you back from discovering just how great life can be. The heavy baggage of old hurts and emotions that you insist on dragging around with you everywhere will slowly taint your chances of happiness whilst grinding you down to a melancholic halt unless you get a grip and turn your life around by changing your thinking and actions. It takes a lot of hard work to get ahead, so when an opportunity presents itself, embrace it. New chances pop up everywhere and in every season of the year. Sometimes they can look strange or suspicious, but don’t be discouraged too easily. Just look for a glimmer of hope and a flicker of shining light to let you know that you are on the right track.  It’s time to ditch your comfort zone and fear of failure because it’s getting you nowhere fast. Sometimes you have to forget how you feel and remember what you deserve. Everything will happen to you as long as you decide never to give up. Never measure your life by all the possessions you have accumulated, but by the hearts you have touched. You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide, and if you don’t, others will decide for you. Those who make the worst of their time most complain about its shortness.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.


Love and light,

Linda and the Lulas xxx

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