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Sometimes Not Speaking Says More

Hello Readers,

First lines of any new chapter don’t define last pages in real life the way they do in books. Often, when we are alone , we think of so many things we want to say, but moments after when we once again withdraw, the whole emotional experience of just thinking about everything is just too much, so then we are speechless once more.

There is always that moment before you send a message or write a letter when your brain freezes and you don’t know what to say. You suddenly develop writers block. We all have our own personal , individual ways of expression, but finding ways to convey our feelings and making ourselves understood can be difficult. Fear and being overwhelmed by emotions can make people speechless and cause them to remain quiet and almost reclusive.

An unknown poem

‘Sometimes I struggle to find something to say

Other times the words flow in an unending cascade

Often I sit and gaze at the sky

Trying to just wrap my mind around why?

Why is there such suffering and pain?

So much anger and hate and little positive gain?

What has happened to dim our light?

Why do we always clash and fight?

What happened to the harmony we chose to embrace?

People still searching for that love, all over the place.

What can we do to stem this tide?

Tap into all of that love you have, inside.

We can scream and rant and rave about fate

But get off your ass to change things before it’s too late

You can sit here and watch your life pass you by

Shaking your head and wondering why

Or you can get up and take action for change

For this is the only way we can rearrange

The collision course with despair on which we have sailed

I’m telling you there’s still time left to change this tale

Join in the change that you want to see

There’s many others out here you know it’s not just me

Find your soul family who lifts you up on the light

Knowing that finally it will all come about right

The more you seek the more you find

As we work to see peace in our time.‘

Don’t let mental blocks control you. Words have the power to soothe, skewer someone through the heart or the power to render someone speechless. Nothing is lost that may be found if sought. We find everything when we are ready for them. What is meant for us will appear at the exact, precise moment.

A mute sky can be more expressive than the roaring sea and no amount of words can tell our love, and certain things are best left unsaid.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas


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