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The Bright Side is the Only Side You Can Look On

Hello Readers,

It’s not always easy to find that bright side and often you can’t see it until weeks, months or even years later, but there is always a silver lining hidden away somewhere, you just have to look for it. In the absence of light, you will often discover some of the brightest parts of your being, and when the darkness falls, turn your face towards the sun and your shadows will fall behind you.

What course of action you take when you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground beneath a giant unmovable boulder with no hope of rescue is your choice. Consider how lucky you are that life has been good to you so far and if you don’t consider that life has been all that great, started thinking of ways to improve things. Whereas some people will appreciate the brighter side of life, enjoying an exciting spectrum of contingencies and opportunities, others tend to live in the confined inner court of their being, cramped within a barbed wire fence ringed around their mind. Only imagination and positive focus can arouse a spark of expectation, stir up enthusiasm and create an equitable prospect. Positive thinking is powerful thinking. If you want happiness, fulfilment, success and inner peace, start believing that you have the power and the wherewithal to achieve all those things.

When the skies are grey and we feel alone and lost, it’s so easy to imagine that the world is against us and that there is little or no hope out there for any of us. We read countless books, articles and sayings all giving us advice about how we should think, live, act, breathe and so forth, but when we are feeling unwell, exhausted and done for, following all this well-meaning guidance can often feel almost impossible. But if you do not believe in yourself, then no one else will. If you do not start looking after yourself, then no one else cares that much because they are all too busy doing other things.

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it and feed it so it’s important to be kind to yourself. Talk to yourself as you would to a loved one. Even when you haven’t a clue as to how you are supposed to overcome a problem, just believe that you can and you will find a way. Let there always be a bright spot in your heart for the people around you because they too may need a few kind words and a bit of sunshine in their lives. There is great clarity in the still waters of sadness which is something not easily found in the babbling brooks of more sought after emotions.

May your road today be painted with a field of flowers and a beautiful view.

‘And then I realised
That to be More alive I had to be Less afraid
So I did it I lost my Fear And gained My whole life’.

Love and light,
Linda and the Lulas xxx


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