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Reach Out And Touch By Showing Your Kindness

Hello Readers,

To survive in a world that is constantly changing and trying to get through another day just by putting one foot in front of the other is an enormous achievement in in itself because life is not promised to us. People of accomplishment rarely sit back and waste time wishing things were different. They don’t continually live in the past, fantasising and blaming others for their shortfall, instead they choose focus their energies on building their future and helping others along the way. Each day they dig deeper and deeper into their core reserves of energy and spirituality because they are only too aware that ultimately they know that no matter what, giving up just isn’t an option.

A successful person is an independent one who is interested in life, the environment and the people they come into contact with, including those they may never even meet who may need their help. They know that if they really want something that they have to go out and get it themselves because they value the importance of hard work and dedication. We all have certain pain barriers that we must work through, mentality, emotionally and physically if we are to get from one stage of development to another and that we alone are responsible for our choices, behaviour and consequences.

There are no free lunches in the universe and anything worth having is rarely easy to acquire, but it’s better to make a little progress slowly than no progress at all. Never be put off by other people’s negativity when they tell you that something cannot be done because that is their opinion, not yours. Always believe in yourself and in the power of prayer and thought. Your life is worth so much to those who love you, so always consider them before saying or doing anything which may cause great pain and hurt. You will never know your true potential until you start loving yourself more and realise that every life is precious, beautiful and has a place in this world.

Only those who care enough can make a difference. Let that person who can help another in their hour of need be you.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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