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Everything Is Only As It Is

Hello Readers,

Do not let yourself be blinded by fear or anger. Sometimes during in life you will travel through hell. Along the way you will meet people who think they are in heaven because of their cleverness and ability to get away with things. Avoid them at all cost and walk right past them because they don’t understand who they have become and never will, so it’s highly unlikely that they will understand you either. These sorts feel justified in seeking revenge and will never learn mercy or forgiveness. They don’t give a dam about anyone, least of all you, so stop kidding yourself. Their enormous sense of entitlement means they believe that they are meant to win because life didn’t go as planned for them, and of course it’s everyone else’s fault, never their own. You are not like them and not meant to stay in hell. You are bound for greatness and born to help others by leading. A healing spirit is more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.

Try not to allow other people to dampen your spirits and get you down too much. Easier said than done, I know, but if you keep getting sucked into their negativity you will just end up feeling despondent, dejected and disappointed because their influence is not good for you, in fact, its not good for anyone. Instead, step into the light of your own strength and move forwards with confidence. Ignore what other people say with critical tones in their voices because this is your time and only you can make things work well for you. You can tackle what others avoid by boldly going where none of these people have had the guts or courage to go themselves. Take advantage of new opportunities and give every single one of them your best shot because a new direction will eventually reveal itself.

All you have to do is have a bit more faith in yourself and start believing that anything is possible because it is your determination that will always win you through. To care about your outward appearance is important, but what’s more important is to have a beautiful soul.

Rise up and be the light home because today is another new day, and tomorrow is going to be awesome.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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