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There Is More To Life Than Other People’s Approval

Hello Readers,

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what others Why concern yourself with the capricious opinions of others who mostly don’t have much clue about anything important and are trapped in their own limitations? Why do you need worldly things to define you or to make you look more important in the eyes of others? Why are you allowing them to have that much power over you when you should be more in control of yourself.

Having the desire to continually please and impress others in an attempt to win their approval is one of the most painful forms of mental torture and imprisonment. It’s debilitating qualities can cause you to become incredibly exhausted whilst feeling worthless and sadly lacking. There is nothing of any value to be gained by it, only misery.

There is nothing more harmful or painful than spending your whole life wondering if you are good enough or not? Some people often lie to themselves and others about their lives whilst continuing to live in world of self delusion by trying to appear better or richer than they really are, all in the hope of being accepted by people who are not worth the effort. They will name drop and talk about how much they paid for stuff or where they are going for their next holiday, spending money they can ill afford in an attempt to be become acceptable in the eyes of others. Its a way of distracting themselves from the real underlying issues that are going on behind the scenes that they are not facing up to nor dealing with which are causing them to feel so unhappy and short changed with their lives.

When you reach the point where you are happy and content with yourself and who you are, it is only then that you are in control of your own life and the choices you make. If people are going to love you, then they will, and if they don’t, so what? Realise that you are the most important person in your life and when you start loving and valuing yourself ,other people will value and love you for who you truly are. Never make the mistake of pretending to be what you are not or associating with people who live in such a way because sooner or later masks will slip and truths will finally surface. There are no lies that in the fullness of time that will not reveal themselves.

Every moment spent on impressing others makes one’s life shorter than it already is, so why waste any more precious time?

The choice is yours.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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