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Truth Uttered Before Its Time Is Always Dangerous

Hello Readers,

Speak kindly in the morning when you are leaving home and give the day a lighter heart. Leave words of encouragement and support as mementoes to be cherished and caressed. Tell someone you love them. There will be no time for regrets.

Expectations are dangerous when they both too high and promises broken. Whoever controls the king, controls the kingdom. The most dangerous irony is when people are angry with others because it’s usually a result of their own incompetence. The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is the pretence of being intelligent when they are not in the least. Always guard your tongue like the way you take care of gold and silver. You are master of what you say until you utter it, just once. Always be careful what you say because when words are said, they are said.  They can only be forgiven, but never forgotten. Be wary of the words you speak because they say everything about you, not the person they are aimed at. Once Your tongue slips, you can never recover your words nor their thoughts about you. It’s always wise to never partake in gossip because gossipers steal another person’s dignity, honour, reputation and credibility which may be impossible to later restore.

Always check your reasons and motives. Your heart knows exactly what’s going on. People know exactly what they are doing even when they tell bare faced lies.  If Your intentions are pure, the results will be phenomenal and pure.

The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself get a better mirror and look a little closer. Stare at your reflection a little longer because there’s something inside you

that encourages you to  keep trying despite everyone who tells you to quit. Build a steel cast around your broken heart

and protect yourself.  No one knows you the way you know yourself. The spoken word is ephemeral, the written word eternal and a musical symphony will always remain timeless.

The words we speak act as seeds. Neither fears light nor darkness but uses both to grow.

Throwing dirt on a seed only increases its value, but all memories carry words of suffering.

‘Our words are clouds, and fleeting shadow cast
Upon the landscape of a life. Sometimes
One rests above a hillside like a blush,
And sometimes darkens more a deep ravine:
For sunny hill, a needful, pensive charm,
For dark ravine, one more degree of gloom’.

Love and light,
Linda and the Lulas xxx

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