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Good Manners Don’t Cost Anything

Hello Readers,

Always be the last to raise your voice, and preferably, never. For a lot of people this is a hard one because the minute something goes wrong or things don’t go their way, they lose the plot and start blaming others. Some people have inherited the ‘shouting gene’, and have spent their entire lives perfecting it. They are the ones who talk the loudest, wave their arms and legs in the air and stomp around like a kid in a playpen getting nowhere fast.

How many times have you shouted, displayed your vexation and utter displeasure and then later regretted it? How many people do you know who do just that without giving others an ounce of consideration for anyone else’s feelings? These people rarely learn and will continue to behave badly all their lives whilst continuing to look and sound foolish along the way.

People display anger and rudeness as a sign of their own frustration with their own lives and project all this negative energy and aggressiveness outwardly because they are unhappy with themselves, forever playing the victim, yet never changing anything but expecting everything for free, whilst giving nothing worthwhile in return.

We are all faced with daily difficulties and insurmountable pressures whilst endeavouring to deal with people and situations that are time consuming or not to our liking , but its also important to remember that we are dealing with real live human beings who have their own feelings and living through their own traumas, so shouting and showing off is not justified or even remotely attractive to hear nor look at.

There are two situations where people lose their temper. The first is if you run over their foot with your car and refuse to apologise or acknowledge that you did anything wrong and the second is where people use anger to get their own way, emotional blackmail. Manipulation. You are allowed to ignore them or be assertive in controlling the situation but you must never, ever shout back. Shouting will not fix anything other than to show you up to be as bad and ignorant as they are. Actions always speak louder than words and the pen is mightier than the sword.

Today, let others know that you ‘don’t do shouting’ and be known and respected as someone who is incredibly calm and self controlled no matter what the situation. Calm people get looked up to, trusted and relied upon. Calm people always win in the end. Silence is golden, speech is silver.

How others treat you displays a clear sign of who they are because their choice of behaviour has nothing at all to do with you. We alone are responsible for our own actions and behaviour.

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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