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Reliable And Dependable People

Hello Readers,

People with good intentions make promises but its people with good characters that keep them.  Being seen as reliable and dependable means staying loyal to what you said and promised long after the mood you said it in has left you.  If you become a person that people can depend and rely on then you will enjoy a greater sense of accomplishment and feel much more appreciated because you will be treated with more respect than someone who is fickle and flaky.

There are lots of people in every walk of life who will make promises impulsively before considering the ramifications and then at a later date neglect and shrug off their responsibilities because they can’t be bothered, or perhaps they have received a better offer.  These people always manage to find an excuse as to why they have let you down, and guess what?  It’s never their fault. True to form, they will always invent a story and find someone else to blame.

You will discover that some people are not loyal to you, but they are loyal to their need of you and once their needs change, so does their loyalty.  Most people do not like to deal with those who are unreliable and make false promises. They would rather give their business and rewards to those they can trust.  A lot of people give other people more chances than they deserve in the hope that they didn’t really mean to let them down and that perhaps they have woken up, seen the light and changed. If you are one of these people, then you will nearly always be very disappointed, so it’s time to face reality and start putting some hard and fast boundaries down.  Never trust a person who has let you down more than twice. One let down is a warning and twice is a lesson and anything more is simply taking advantage.  You cannot count on a person who is known to be unreliable to follow through on something they have promised. They are unreliable because of the way they set their priorities.  Their promise to you is not as important to them  as following their own agenda because everything is about them, not you.

A reliable person will always make and keep their friends much more easily than someone who is inconsiderate and cannot be counted upon.  A business that has a reputation of being reliable or making reliable products will get repeat and new business over and over again because a person who can be counted on will always, quite rightly, earn a good reputation and that means everything.  There is nothing quite like the shifts of fortune test the reliability of friends.  How people treat others is a direct reflection about how they feel about themselves and how they will eventually treat you.  A lot of people prefer animals to people because they love unconditionally and are predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal which are often very difficult standards for a lot of people to live up to.

It’s good to be realistic, so always be mindful that in this life, sometimes people will let you down and promises will be broken. Perhaps it’s worth considering to expect less of others and trust in yourself more.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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