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The Right People

Hello Readers,

The right people will fire you up not burn you out. They will encourage you, not criticise your hard work and accomplishments. They are proud of your achievements, not envious of your gifts and abilities. People who operate on your spiritual frequency do not try to bring you down, nor behave in a way that makes you avoid or turn against them. If anyone offends you, always remember that their attitude is their problem, not yours, and at this point in life you are not interested In gaining anyone’s approval. Stick to your truth and the right people will show up and stay whilst the wrong ones will fall by the wayside, or even on their swords.

You were born with wonderful many gifts and some will help you to connect with the right people while others will enable you to get to the right places, but it takes your dominant gifts to come to the fore for you to be able to take the lead. When you meet and spiritually connect with the right people in life, it’s like matching frequencies that make you feel empowered and blessed for having come so far despite all the obstacles, challenges and setbacks. From the very beginning, life is about stumbling into the unknown by every turn. One hopes there is a grand purpose to it all, but only a few are lucky to encounter the right people along the journey.

Find people who can handle your darkest truths. Choose companions who listen intently with sincerity in their eyes and voices and who don’t suddenly change the subject when you are speaking. The sort of friends who will always have your interest at heart and do not subscribe to selfishness. Honesty is vulnerability. Sadly, not everyone can handle someone’s genuine sincerity because for some people, lying allows them to be comfortable.

If you live with regrets, then learn from your mistakes and move forwards. There is no point forever looking back dragging up the past because no one is that interested, they have their own stuff to deal with, and besides, there is a future to look forward to. Have faith because the right people will find you no matter what your position or circumstances may be.

Never lose hope even though everything looks so bleak and you feel so weak. Never shrink back from what you know is your truth.

Only be with people who love you for real, just as you are. They are the ones who are happy for your joy and understand your sorrow and pain. Somewhere, out there in the wilderness, there are new friends to be discovered who are waiting to meet you and welcome you into their tribe.

Love and light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx

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