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You Attract Towards You What You Think About

Hello Readers,

By learning to manage your thinking and taking better control of your thoughts, you will awaken some incredible powers within your own self that have been lying dormant for a very long period of time. By examining your ideas, hopes and dreams you will soon begin to realise the importance of working on the positive stuff instead of wasting so much time on all the negative drama that has plagued your life unnecessarily for so long.

Within you there is a strong driving force called intuition that has been put there to enable you to survive the dark tangled forests of uncertainty that we all have to live in because during this lifetime we all have some very tough life lessons to learn in order to grow, develop and evolve and we have to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth, no one is exempt.

Your gut feelings are a reliable guide to tell you when something is wrong and to warn you of oncoming dangers that often arrive most unexpectedly and without much or any advance notice. If you decide to go against your better judgement, you will inevitable end up regretting your choices because you allowed yourself to be persuaded to do otherwise.

They say it takes all sorts to make a world and its always very interesting to discover and become aware of what lengths some people will go to put pressure on others into doing their bidding. These people arrive in all kinds of guises and people are rarely what they initially seem, so it’s important that you do not rush into any new relationship too quickly because sooner or later the cracks under the wallpaper will always show up and sometimes it can be too late. From today onwards, make a point of taking control of your fears and start overcoming obstacles that have succeeded in holding you back for so long. It’s time to think about your own happiness instead of continually falling in line with everyone else because rarely will anyone fall in line with you unless they are going to benefit from the experience. You are what you think about and once you change your thoughts, subsequent actions will always follow and so the shift of energy begins. You are living in very exciting times, so make the most of every opportunity that life offers you.

Until Next Week,

Love and Light,

Linda and The Lulas xxx


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